You're not letting go

"Gently did my soul / Put off her veil, and, self-transmuted, stood / Naked, as in the presence of her God"

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Likes Tom Hiddleston, Avengers, Star Trek, Leonard 'Bones' McCoy, Robert Downey Jr, Suits, White Collar, Leverage, Being Human UK, Doctor Who, Luther, Teen Wolf, Alex, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Space, Captain America, Iron Man, Gabriel Macht, Daniela Ruah, Writing, Literary Theory, Art, Life, and the meaning of the universe.

I also run, QuickSuits. A place for short Suits fiction and graphics.

Some religious guy on the telly said it was because “There was no more room in hell”, some scientists said it was a “a cloud of radiation that engulfed our great planet”. Sherlock says Mycroft is already testing them.

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